Review: Terror at the Sweetshop by Lawrence Prestidge

Oscar Tarrant and his close friends Emma, Reece and Ishy are regular customers to McNulty’s Candy Kingdom, the sweet shop next to their school. The shop is run by its jolly namesake, Mr McNulty. A cheerful soul, he is always happy and friendly to all the children that enter his shop, but one day he mysteriously disappears…

The shop is soon taken over by the horrible Miss Primrose who starts to serve revolting treats to its customers. However, Oscar and his friends soon discover Miss Primrose’s evil intentions. Determined to find out what has happened to Mr McNulty and dispose of the evil Miss Primrose, they make a cunning plan. What surprises and secrets do they discover along the way?

The story features a whole host of colourful and entertaining characters, including the gang’s parents, teachers and others that help along the way. I’m shocked this wonderfully woven tale hasn’t reached more children. My 7 year-old niece who I tested the book on simply loved it and once completed finished by asking “does he have any other books?”

Prestidge does, in fact, have other stories and it’s simply perfect for those of 5-10 years of age. While some of the language may seem like a challenge, most of the longer words are easy for a child to sound out and adapt to. My niece was thrilled that she could so easily pick up what appeared to be difficult words. When describing the book to my mother afterwards she called the book “fun and thrilling,” a new favourite word she learnt from the book.

She topped off her comments by awarding this book a strong four stars.

Terror at the Sweet Shop is an imaginative tale that boasts funny characters, believable dialect and wonderful illustrations courtesy of the talented G. William. Prestidge uses common childhood memories that are relatable for all but spins them into whimsical fantasies full of fun.

Prepare to battle Miss Primrose and purchase your copy by clicking here. Terror at the Sweetshop is published by Matador Books.

One thought on “Review: Terror at the Sweetshop by Lawrence Prestidge

  1. Brilliantly funny read. I am a Teaching Assistant and my low ability readers absolutely loved this book. I have never laughed so much! Well done Lawrence! Also check out Lawrence’s other great book ‘Rolo’ which is just as brilliant!


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